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We have set-up a partnership with a Bath and West honey prize winner for the establishment of a new bee colony in our cider orchards.

Honey gets its flavour and consistency from the floral nectars on which the bees are foraging. Each nectar varies in the type of sugars, proteins, minerals, trace elements present and also importantly in the small quantities of aromatic oils that differ between all flowering plants.

Wattles bees forage on an extensive cider apple orchard which is under planted with a pasture rich in herbs and wild flowers: these include, Oxeye Daisy, Greater and Black Knapweed, Meadow Cranesbill, Musk Mallow, Field Scabious, Red Campion, Yarrow, and Yellow Rattle.

It is the unique mix of nectars within the Wattles foraging area that make up the honey and determine its flavour: this produces the most wonderful cider-honey.

Our honey is currently available for sale.

email: shop@wattles.co.uk